Occasional Updates

May 15th 2019


  • a little redesign was in order leveraging 'new google sites'
  • Milo is five (5) and is coming to the end Yr R
  • We've been living in our current place for six (6) years

December 5th 2016

I'm updating this page to reflect the fact that there have been developments since the last 'post' below:

  • We bought a home over three years ago
  • We now have a a two and a half year old son

February 16th 2013

  • New landing page for the domain containing links to our FB, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn profiles. Blog posts are now located on a secondary page.
  • We're currently saving for a deposit (and the associated fees) against a house.
  • Once we're in a position to buy we'll post an update.

January 28th 2012

We received the key to our allotment earlier this month, work so far has included:

  • Cut down the green manure and dig-in. Resulted in a very sore Mark & Mickey
  • Potato chitting (Duke of Edinburough & King Edwards)
  • Sowing tomato and pepper seeds in trays.

November 25th 2011

What I've been up to recently:

  • Gained a PRINCE2 project management qualification.
  • Turned 29. I'll have to start thinking what i'm doing for my 30th next year!
  • The Fiat Punto died, bought a new car, a Renault Megane (hardtop convertible)
  • Sorted out my finances & started saving for a house.
  • New job: Computer System Engineer (Apple Mac & Communications)
  • Ran another 1/2 marathon.
  • Re-painted our lounge, dining room and bedroom.
  • 'Energy Usage' graph for my house now includes data for my upstairs sockets though I've not yet calibrated.
  • Bought a vintage 1968 record player to aid in looking 'hip'
  • Watched all 7 seasons of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' and the 4 films

Upcoming events:

  • PTLLS - a teacher training qualification
  • Qualifications in networking stuffs, CCNA or similar
  • Clearing out our flat, so much 'junk' and things we don't use!
  • Watching all 7 seasons of 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'

RE: letter to Sky on behalf of my folks:

The issue being that they suspected the additional boxes to be at a different address. I re-wired their house to provide phone sockets in each room and connected the Sky boxes to said sockets, as contractually obliged. Sky then began charging the reduced rate for the secondary set-top boxes.

July 21st 2011

I have written a letter to Sky with repsect to them overcharging my folks, we'll see what comes of that.

Mickey's away on a friend's hen do this weekend.

June 14th 2011

Currently graphing my home's electricity usage....

It's not very exciting but it does but it shows how much energy we use as a household.

Interesting fact. One can see from the graph that audio visual media consumption (downstair's circuit) commences after dinner (kitchen circuit usage returns to baseline).

Head on over to the 'energy usage' page for info about my setup. DEFUNCT [Feb 2013]

June 3rd 2011

The previous secure Elliott Intranet required one to sign in before content was visible.

I have decided that a public website would best be suited for the domain.

The old site will remain live AS IS (at the existing URL) though may eventually be redesigned to compliment this public site. DEFUNCT [Feb 2013]

December 16th 2004

Hello World!


Mark, Mickey & Milo