Occasional Updates

May 15th 2019

  • a little redesign leveraging 'new google sites'
  • Milo is five (5) and is coming to the end of Yr R
  • we've been living in our current place for six (6) years

December 5th 2016

  • I thought I'd post an update as there have been developments since the previous post
  • we bought a home over three years ago
  • we have a a two and a half year old son

February 16th 2013

  • we're currently saving for a deposit (and the associated fees) against a house having moved in with my folks last summer
  • once we're in a position to buy we'll post an update

November 25th 2011

I've recently...

  • gained a PRINCE2 project management qualification
  • bought a new car, a Renault Megane (hardtop convertible), as the Fiat Punto died
  • re-painted our lounge, dining room and bedroom
  • bought a vintage 1968 record player to aid in looking hip
  • watched all 7 seasons of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' and the 4 films

December 16th 2004

Hello World!


Mark, Mickey & Milo